How to Select International Schools Which Provide Nursery Education?

Making a decision is undoubtedly tricky, but it can be made simple with the proper knowledge. And many parents, just like you, struggle with confusion while deciding which nursery school to enroll their children.

‍On the one hand, you have freedom and choice, but it may also be confusing and unpleasant. The quality of nursery schools varies greatly. Therefore parents need to be aware. Consideration must be given to the various child care settings.

International schools Riyadh provide one of the best nursery education.

Checklist to select international schools which provide the best nursery education in Riyadh

Here are a few critical criteria to consider while assessing a nursery school program –

  • School’s Ideology
  • Campus Infrastructure
  • Positive and compassionate educators
  • Discipline
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Ample playtime
  • Class timings

We will look into each factor in more detail, as these crucial factors help you choose the best nursery school in Riyadh.

Your child needs to be nurtured and taken care of to help them grow and become a global citizen. Hence, it is vital to choose the best curriculum and school to help open this world’s doors to your child.

School’s Ideology

Every nursery has a unique educational philosophy and style. The High/Scope method uses an intentional learning approach, whereas Waldorf schools are noted for their creativity, and Montessori schools in Tokyo are known for encouraging freedom.

Keep in mind that each institution has its own culture and rules. Do your homework in advance to locate the approach and philosophy that will work best for your child. Select a curriculum based on the most effective teaching methods for your child.

Campus Infrastructure

Find out if the school has state-of-the-art classrooms, fully equipped libraries, labs, or activity spaces. You’ll better understand the amenities your child will access at that school. You may even plan a facility visit and a teacher interview for a preschool. Find out if you can observe an actual class in action if possible.


Learn about the school’s code of conduct and make an effort to comprehend how they instill discipline in their kids. Young children require assistance acquiring social norms and phrases to express displeasure as they are still developing their learning and social abilities. Good teachers use positive punishment methods. Instead of using punishment as a form of discipline, they should gently explain. International schools in Riyadh provide the best nursery education in Riyadh.

Compassionate teachers

Early childhood education fosters the growth of reliable connections. Studies show that when teachers are upbeat and compassionate, students learn more effectively and make significant developmental strides.

You could discover that supportive instructors frequently smile at the kids and are constantly optimistic, enthusiastic, and helpful.


Despite being trivial, transportation is a significant issue. If your house is not close enough for you to walk, pick a school that offers a secure transportation option.


Keep an eye out for the kid-safety precautions set up around the sporting facilities. Verify whether there is enough support, such as soft mats and monitoring.

Additionally, ensure you know the school’s safety steps to protect your child.

International school Riyadh provides the best security services.


Kids must have ample time to engage in play-based learning. This is sometimes referred to as ‘really healthy playtime’. The day includes time for the kids to investigate ideas in small groups. Learn how much time is allocated for kids to play outside. Kids should be out playing, biking, climbing, and running daily. Students should have ample time for outside activities in a decent preschool.

Class timings

The hours are crucial. Nursery classes are often only three hours long. Each parent may work sometimes. Therefore, being aware of pre-scheduled school and business hours is vital. The most extraordinary facilities and arrangements are what you should look for in a school.

You must remember these crucial considerations while selecting your child’s best nursery school in Riyadh.

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