Differences Between Woven And Embroidered Badges And Choosing The Best Football Badges

Differences Between Woven And Embroidered Badges And Choosing The Best Football Badges  

A badge can be used in several ways. You can sell sporty ones at the stadium rather than selling some boring stuff. This can turn into a profitable business for a beginner. One can also sell patches of different trendy movie quotes, bands, and travel destinations.

Starting a venture based on it can be successful because of its growth potential. If you are good at art or have creative ideas, you want to transform into a trade but don’t know how – transform them into patches!

We have come up with the two most famous types out of all. This article will discuss in detail the difference between woven and embroidered badges. We will also help you choose some of the best custom football badges.

What Is A Woven Badge?

It uses a thinner thread in the making compared to the embroidered one, which uses thicker string. This type provides a more high-resolution and is ideal for detail-oriented work. This is the perfect option if one wants to get words in small fonts or with fine details.

They both look very alike. So, here is the tip, woven has a smooth texture compared to the other one with a rough surface. They are less bulky because they are made in one dimension. The amazing part about them is that they can be made with any type of backing and color of your choice. Isn’t it cool?

 It can be used on the inner or outer surface of clothing, bags, and other accessories. The custom football badges the UK is an example of a patches service that creates football-themed woven badges.


  • Less Heavy: Their first advantage is that they are light in weight.
  • Pocket Friendly: Another benefit is that they are friendly for your pocket. Their prices differ from 2$ to 25$. Prices mainly depend on the design complexity, size, and order numbers.
  • Appropriate For Detailed Design: Woven patches are more suitable for clearer and more detailed designs than embroidered patches. You also can add texts in small fonts.
  • Requires Less Time To Manufacture: As the manufacturing procedure is easy, it requires less time than the other. The less complex design is, the less time it needs to make.
  • Flexibility: They are more flexible and can easily be affixed on the inner or outer side of any material.


  • Obscure: Woven patches are more popular than several other types but are obscure compared to embroidered patches. If you would trade in this one, then be ready as you would face hardship, unlike the other.
  • One-dimensional: If you want a classic three-dimensional look, this one is not for you. It is made in one dimension, which gives a smooth surface.
  • Stick Out Less: They have a smooth surface that prevents it from sticking out when fixed to a t-shirt, jacket, purse, etc.

What Is An Embroidered Badge?

Embroidery is the process of stitching thread on top of material (most common). It is more used on staff uniforms at gyms, hotels, restaurants, etc. It has a textured surface which gives a more 3D look and is more rigid.

One can easily recognize them. The ones who want to give their clothes or other items a classic and traditional look can affix embroidered ones to them.

They can be created with any color, but the number of hues is limited. Some companies charge extra for using multiple colors.

The prices are higher, and they require more time for manufacturing.

If you wonder whether embroidered marks can be sporty, then YES! This type is used to make football, baseball, hockey emblems, etc. The personalized portuguese football badges along with a few other services are preferred by consumers when it comes to sporty emblems.


  • Classy Look: This is sure for those who want to appear classy. Embroidered patches always give traditional vibes to whatever it is affixed to.
  • Most Famous: They are so far the most popular of all types. People love to get it stitched on their dresses, bags, and decorative items. This also looks fashionable for a boho look.
  • Three-dimensional: They are three-dimensional, unlike the other one, which is one-dimensional. They have a textured surface and look more realistic.
  • Thin Thread: They have a thin thread that allows weaving tightly. Hence, it can be more detailed and look more similar to the image.
  • Thicker Look: It is stitched densely using a heavier thread that makes the emblem feel thick.
  • Flexibility: As they are bulky and less flexible so they can’t easily get attached to anything.


  • Massive: The embroidery on such patches increases their weight and makes them look clumpy. It would look better if fixed to thick clothing than thin clothing.
  • High-priced: They are more costly than the woven ones. (The odds are, you would be able to sell at a higher price too.)
  • Requires More Time To Manufacture: This type is more complex and needs a longer time. You can make an urgent order if you want, but that would add more to the price.
  • Not Acceptable For Detailed Designs: This type is not acceptable for the small and fine detailing. It has a more heavy-knit fabric, making it hard to get a smooth texture.

Which Backing Is Suitable For What?

Both types can be made using any backing. However, different types of backing can be used for various products.

  • Iron Backing: It enables easy application on bags, hats, jackets, purses, etc.
  • Adhesive Backing: This one is used for temporary uses such as event IDs, and jackets.
  • Velcro Backing: The velcro type of backing is great for easy on and off emblems.

The types of badges are diverse, ranging from embroidered, woven, or PVC to leather, hook loop, etc. It can devastate you if you don’t know enough about them.

They mend or decorate items like bags, clothing, and other accessories. The type you would choose is the overall look of the item you want. Moreover, the materials, colors, and fonts would also change.

In this article, we discussed what woven, and embroidered patches are. This all would help you to determine which one you need the most.

These both have some similarities too, both are the most common out of all. They both can take any shape whether round, square, rectangular, etc.

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