Physical IT Security

Have you implemented a hardware security strategy.  If not, you probably should.  

Physical IT security is important to ensure the prevention of data from being compromised in a physical way.  Approximately 60% of organizations reported security breaches over the last year due to hardware vulnerabilities, and only 52% of those companies had a hardware security strategy in place.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to manage secure data center decommissioning for your organization:

Managing your IT Asset Inventory

Maintaining an IT asset inventory list helps ensure that all of your IT assets are accounted for and is essential for any IT asset disposal or decommissioning project.  Keeping the list up to date, however, can be quite challenging as it requires daily management.  Having access to an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) portal system, which most ITAD vendors offer, can help you manage your inventory list.  Most portal systems record details such as make, model and serial number and when an asset was reused or redeployed.  In addition, to asset tracking, the portal can support pick-up requests, asset resale, reporting and certificates of destruction.

By maintaining an updated asset inventory list, ideally mapped by grid, coordinate, software, hardware and more, your ITAD vendor can map out their job and provide a more accurate estimate of how long the decommissioning project will take.

  1. Limit Access and Follow Best Practices

The best way to protect digital assets is by restricting access to those assets.  Access should be limited to those employees that actually need to use them.  Any authorized users should be utilizing data security best practices including password protection and authentication.

You can also reduce your company’s susceptibility to cybersecurity threats by taking steps to prevent data breaches.

Perform On-Site Data Destruction

On-site data destruction is a secure option for wiping hard drives prior to being removed from a site. Specialized software is required to securely remove data from IT assets, therefore, we recommend you partner with a professional ITAD service provider.  

Working with a professional ITAD provider to perform data destruction services at your facility is how many companies successfully manage IT security.  They are familiar with the compliance standards and data erasure standards like NIST800-88 or BS EN15713:2009.

A good ITAD company will only send trained (certified and with background checks) employees to complete the on-site data destruction and will provide real-time access to observe the entire data destruction process as it’s happening.

Keep Data Secure

In order to keep digital assets protected and prevent a security breach, make sure that your operating systems and other licensed and cloud-based applications are up to date. 

There are many security features of enterprise-level applications including two-factor authentication, which provides you with the ability to monitor and safeguard your most vulnerable information.


Gaining a full understanding of your company’s digital assets and knowing the value of them will help you build a proper system for securing them.  Knowing how to protect those assets will increase your company’s image and valuation along with adding to the overall bottom line.

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