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The Best Portable External Monitors

All laptops come with an integrated screen for the buyers and provide a good display. However, these laptops aren’t suitable for everyone. There might have been times when you may have wished for external monitors for your laptop. 

Why Do We Need External Monitors for Laptops?

External monitors provide more display area and accessibility. It also provides more space for applications so that users can utilize their laptops better. You can use multiple applications on these monitors and reduce your work time. 

The Best Portable External Monitors for Laptops

Users can choose from a wide range of portable external monitors, depending on their specific needs and usage. For instance, a common user may not need an external monitor. However, someone who works professionally as a writer, designer, animator, etc., requires flexibility in their work. 

It is where the external monitors for laptops come in handy and can provide users with the best options. Investing in another screen for your laptop can be a wise decision, as long as you choose the right one. While there are a wide range of external laptop screens to choose from, we have outlined the best one for your needs. 

Duex Max: The Best External Laptop Screen for a Super Work Station

Investing in a second screen for a laptop is a great decision to increase your overall efficiency during work. Understandably, some of you may still be skeptical about purchasing an external monitor for your laptop. However, it offers benefits that can make your work better and quicker. 

Let’s review some of these benefits to help you understand how these external monitors can aid your work. 


MP-Duex Max-2022-21

No one wants to invest hundreds of dollars in a monitor screen and still have to leave it behind at home or in their workplace. 

Fortunately, the Duex Max monitors are highly portable, meaning you can take them with you everywhere and play from anywhere. It is super convenient to carry and only takes a few minutes to set it up.

Lightweight Design

Setting up external monitors isn’t the only concern for professional users. They do not want a monitor with a heavyweight because it’s too much work. What’s good about the Durex max is that it’s only 1.8lbs, making it easy to carry.

L36 - Landscape V2

Multi-Purpose Design

These monitors are designed for all workloads and extended use hours without heating up. It also has no performance issues and doesn’t lag during use. Moreover, these monitors have great Frames per Second counter, so if you design something, it won’t hinder the process. 

The external monitors complement remote working. It’s also best for getting entertainment on the go, in case you go to a different city and want to have an external monitor screen ready for you. It’s best for personal and business use and everything in between.

MP-Duex Max-2022-44

Versatile Compatibility

One of the main concerns for people buying external monitors is that they want to make a one-time investment. You wouldn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for the gaming screen or a working screen separately. 

Therefore, the Duex Max Easily pairs with any laptop or device, such as:

  • Android phones 
  • Supports USB-C or USB-A
  • Nintendo Switch 

 It’s also the perfect option for you if you are looking for an external monitor for Macbook Pro because of its easy connectivity. 


Good Use Experience

The Duex Max designers understand they have a huge customer base to cater. Therefore, they have focused on making the external monitor as viable for you as possible. Sight damage is one of the biggest drawbacks of a lower-quality monitor. 

Fortunately, the Duex Max is designed with an Eye-care mode to protect your eyes from damage and sight loss over time. 

It can reduce strain on your eyes if you spend extended hours on the screen for personal or professional use. As a result, it will make the user experience much smoother and help you keep your eyes healthier.

Mobile Pixels Portable monitor

Auto Rotation

Following the screen content across various screens can be pretty problematic for users. Fortunately, the Duex Max provides the convenience of use. The Duex extra screen for laptops has an autorotation and allows users to utilize the screen in different modes. These include:

  • Eye care mode
  • Kickstand mode, etc. 
  • Landscape mode
  • Portrait mode
  • Presentation mode
Mobile Pixels Portable monitor 2

Such variety and versatility of the Duex Max monitors make it an ideal choice for laptop owners looking for an all-in-one solution for their needs. 

Bottom Line

Investing in a secondary screen for your laptop is the quickest way to make it versatile and efficient for your work-related task. Therefore, the Duex Max is the perfect extra screen for a laptop that you could need. It has some of the best features for business and personal use, making it a convenient way to turn your laptop into a super workstation.

Are you looking for a unique gaming experience? Reach out to us if you want to learn more about our portable monitors, which can deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

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