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Live Streaming Ecommerce: Everything You Need To Know

The evolutionary cycle of eCommerce is giving rise to innovation with every passing day. It is evident from the fact that businesses dealing in online buying and selling have embraced live streaming. Retailers all across the world are building their brands for future-oriented e-commerce.

Are you new to all this? Yes! Live streaming eCommerce is going to be the next big thing! Keep reading this article to know everything, as it will help you explore your business prospects.

Let’s get started with the scratch:

What is Live Streaming Ecommerce?

Are you familiar with QVC, which was intended to demonstrate the channel’s product features and usage? The concept of live streaming in eCommerce is almost the same. Different brands, particularly in China, have generated greater sales during the past few months, which have shaped the trends.

In simplest words, live streaming enables e-commerce business owners to broadcast products and services demonstrations live over the internet. It has a significantly positive impact on overall business sales and sustainability.

Owing to this, many business people have urged experts to integrate live streaming into their websites for better user engagement and retention. It helps replicate the buyers’ experience in the world of social media.

Birth and Growth of Ecommerce Live Streaming:

Although you may find live streaming innovative in the online business industry, it is not entirely new. Let’s consider the past, present, and future of eCommerce live streaming for creating a significant impact on businesses:

How did it start!

The eCommerce live streaming was first started by Mogujie, the famous fashion brand, in 2014. Followed by it, Alibaba’s Taobao began using it for product showcasing and reviews. These brands have become successful in engaging female buyers to sell low-to-mid apparel to increase their sales.

The exciting thing about live streaming is that potential customers can ask questions immediately by interacting with the demonstrators. This way, the potential buyers can get a real-life shopping experience through online shopping.

Present scenario:

It is imperative to state that 2018 and 2019 proved to be the decisive years for live streaming in eCommerce. It is because business people started using it for increased revenue generation. You will be surprised that Alibaba’s live-streamed selling generated more than 2.9 billion dollars (2019) in a single day.

Presently, more than 100,000 brands are using live streaming to reach their targeted audience in the most innovative ways, where Levi’s, MAC, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Sisley are no exception! So, it is safe to say that live streaming is the modern face of online retailing!

What future will bring – prediction:

In 2022, live streaming has emerged as one of the most crucial factors for eCommerce success. Even business people look for inspiration to integrate videos and online streaming.

A cursory look at the trends shows that live streaming is more frequently used in Japan, China, South Korea, and US, but it is expected to spread worldwide. So, what are you looking for? Start using platforms with live streaming to promote your brands.

Top Ways to Promote Brands with Ecommerce Live Streaming:  

Hopefully, you have a fair idea of how eCommerce’s evolution is changing business ways. All this is good. It is because visuals and stimulations attract the attention of prospective buyers. Considering this, you can check out the following ways to adopt live streaming for your e-commerce website.

Lets’ get started:

Harness the influencers for DIY:

The brands can use influencers and social media celebrities to promote their business over the internet. Why not use this for your e-commerce business. It’s simple, send your products and then ask them to join live-streaming sessions hosted on the website. This will help you get a boost for your e-commerce site generating quick sales.

Besides this, you can initiate the trends of doing it yourself by modeling for your brands. It inspires the users, and they become inclined towards buying the products. Don’t forget to demonstrate the products professionally!

Use product tutorials and guides:

You surely have heard about product unpacking. It’s undoubtedly fun for many people as unboxing gives a satisfying feeling about something new. So, why not try it with your brand to help the people get to know what’s new!

You can create introductory videos, including product usage, features, components, and other processes. It significantly helps potential buyers know a product’s benefits and then buy it quickly.

However, it would help if you had a separate content area for posting such videos on your e-commerce website without bragging about your product or services. For this reason, you can contact SpiralClick to ensure all essential elements of emotional selling into your website design.

Live product launch events:

Live streaming has gone beyond your expectations. It is because you can host live events for product launches for better user retention. Interestingly, online product launch ceremonies are getting higher popularity among the people owing to ease of participation – they don’t have to go anywhere but join and participate!

The best example of online collaborations is Amazon live, where the vendors can collaborate to create brand awareness. You can do the same using your e-commerce website for rapid business success.

Live-streaming stimulates e-commerce sales!

In the era of technology, ecommerce is the face of buying and selling. You cannot deny the importance of having an online selling platform beside the brick-and-mortar store. However, it is not the end of the world because you should adopt next-gen tools and techniques for promoting your business over the internet – live streaming is one of these!

Remember, the success of your online store depends considerably on innovative strategies. So, discuss your options with Dubai ecommerce development solutions today to stay ahead!

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