Pollos Inti

Pollos Inti: A Taste of Traditional Peruvian/Amazonian Cuisine

Pollos Inti is a traditional Peruvian/Amazonian roast chicken restaurant with other dishes and products like rotisserie chickens, empanadas, pámpano soup, plantains & mac’s tostones. Their food comes from Peru and the Amazon, where it has been passed down by generations of Peruvians who have cooked and shared these recipes in their kitchens and cooking fires throughout the years. This traditional preparation method gives the Pollos Inti chicken its unique flavor and texture, resulting in tender, juicy meat that tastes amazing. Visit the restaurant today to try it out for yourself!

A brief history about pollo rostizado

Peruvians are known for their love of rostizado (roast chicken). And in Pollos Inti‘s case, it’s no different. Traditional rosado is similar to American-style rotisserie chicken, where a whole chicken is placed on a spit or rotating rotisserie and basted with butter or fat as it cooks.

How it became popular in Peru

Pollos Inti is one of Peru’s largest and most famous international brands, with 29 locations in Lima alone. The restaurant, which specializes in traditional roasted chicken, became prosperous due to its location—it was started by a man who sold his roasted chickens on a corner near an important mall in Lima. Soon enough, it was booming with business; now, you can find Pollos Inti restaurants around South America, Europe, and Canada.

Why it’s different from the local flavor in Cusco

Pollos Inti offers a traditional experience in the city center that is much different from the local flavor in Cusco. The food comes directly from the Amazon and is cooked in its juices. It also has free Wi-Fi and TVs to watch while you wait for your order.

The authentic ingredients and flavors

One way to achieve authentic flavor is by using authentic ingredients. Pollos Inti sources its produce and products from local farms and markets, giving you a taste of Peru. Once it’s brought in, those ingredients are prepared with recipes that have been passed down through generations in a village called Cochinoca—where Pollo Inti’s founder lived until age 12—for more than 20 years!

How was it prepared?

Pollos Inti serves roast chicken and other traditional dishes. The restaurant is spacious, bright, and comfortable, focusing on service. Our waiter prepared the food at our table as soon as we were seated. We ordered rotisserie chicken, empanadas, pámpano soup, plantains & mac’s tostones – delicious! We also had some Chicha Morada (a traditional Andean drink) – it tasted like tart grape juice with caramel flavoring.

Where can you find the best dish?

So, where can you find Pollos Inti? You can visit their 46 West 27th Street restaurant or purchase their products in many supermarkets across New York City. Their dishes are available for sale as prepared meals and uncooked parts. For example, if you’re unsure how to prepare a peruano dish, you could buy it pre-cooked from Pollos Inti and eat it right out of its container.

What should you order at Pollos Inti?

Pámpano. When we said Pollos Inti was a traditional restaurant, we meant the vast menu features regional specialties and more modern options. If you want to indulge in something local, order one of their Pámpanos (you can also find them at other places in San Isidro). It’s a typical dish from Loreto—or rather, it used to be; as more people get exposed to foreign cuisine, its popularity wanes.

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