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When you think about gifts the first thing that you give importance to is the type, then comes the quality. And when you think about the quality of course you try to emphasize the fact that the gift has to be unique to a great extent. Now gifts with an exclusive touch always occupy a special place in the recipient’s heart. So you too are trying to add some unique gift to your list. In that respect, we have decided to help you choose the right unique gifts for friends in India.

Memory of Calendars

Calendars are for creating memories, suppose you have to attend a meeting or a birthday party you always mark the date by looking at the calendar itself. No doubt wall-handling calendars are a need but tabletop calendar albums are easy to tackle and convenient as well. So for your dearest girlfriend, you thought to get this tabletop calendar from the brand Indeed the presentation of the calendar was superb. Talking about the price part that was too less as well.

Led photo holders

Your best friend has a fetish for decorating her room with innovative decors. You also encourage her to do that to the fullest. That is why you thought that for this birthday you will get something eye-catching yet contemporary. Hence after a deep search, you came across strips of photo holders with battery-operated led lights. To add aesthetics clips made of wood are used for securing the photos. Remember one can arrange the photos easily and the size is also quite decent.

Superhero cutout

Girls have a great interest in fictional heroes and they fantasize about them a lot. So does your best friend therefore this year you thought that gifting a superhero cutout would be a perfect choice indeed. Searching made you come across this particular piece on a reputed online gifting site. The cutout body was of iron man and you embossed the picture of your dearest friend on top of that. Specifically, the whole cut-out was made on an A4 size sheet and was available without any glass cover.

Exquisite gift combo

Choosing the right gift for your girlfriend is daunting work because you know well that she has some special choices. That is why for her birthday you got a plan of gifting something exquisite to her. And by chance, you stumbled on this particular combo consisting of items like a stone facial massage roller, a Pearl pendant, a keychain containing the teddy bear, silk scarf. The beauty of the gift is that all these are packed beautifully in a silk-made box.

Pink leather items

She has been your best friend since childhood and you are well aware of her choices. You know well that she loves fancy items. So after going through various online portals you decided to add only those items which are exclusive in their way. And in that regard, you planned to add this outstanding combo gift consisting of the eyewear, keychain, leather wallet, passport cover, etc. Now coming to the uniqueness of the gift it has all the items made of light pink color and that’s no doubt made the gift more compelling to the eyes.

Movable solar charger

Though she is a girl she has lots of likeliness for gadgets and she loves to add new devices to her wallet. So this time you got a striking idea of gifting her a mini movable solar charger. Indeed it would be a rocking one and she will just say yes to that as soon as she sees it. The best thing is that it is designed for people who mainly prefer to hang out outdoor. Now this device will help to keep their devices charged anytime and anywhere. Now coming to the gift surely justifies your search because the gift is highly unique in a true sense.

Customized birth name initial

When you talk about unique gifts honestly whatever you buy becomes unique for the recipient. But still, you always search for something that will catch her lens at the first sight only. That is why after a deep search you came across this customized trinket where you embossed the initial letter of her birth name. Now here you can engrave both the letter initial and the stone of the birth month as well. Therefore both ways will add uniqueness to the gift.

Final say

Thus, the above discussed are some of the best unique gifts that you can select for friends in India and you can send gifts to Mumbai in no time with the best delivery partner. So no more wasting time just explore every gift and see which one fits your budget the right.

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