Bathroom Remodeling

Small Bathroom Remodeling Boosts Property Values

Decades ago, all bathrooms were small. They only had time for a small vanity, a tub/shower combination, and a toilet. Remodeling a small bathroom at first may seem challenging. Luckily, homeowners can work with a lot of features to make a small bathroom feel grander than it is. Keep reading for the best tips on remodeling a small bathroom.

Use Light Colors

Homeowners beginning small Bathroom Remodeling Near Me should choose light colors. Soft gray, warm white, and buttery yellow are all good options. When paired with white trim and cabinets, these colors open up a bathroom. Also, avoid contrasting colors that can make a room feel small. Matching the floor tile to the wall color can help make the corners of the room disappear and give the feeling of more space.

Bathroom Remodeling

Work With the Height

Replace thick crown molding with thinner molding that matches the ceiling. Dark crown molding will overpower a small room. Also, consider installing recessed lighting. Recessed lighting provides a cleaner look than fixtures that hang from the ceiling. Wall sconces are another way to blur the line between the wall and the ceiling.

Use Large Mirrors

The more light bounces around a room, the larger it will feel. Always choose the largest mirror that will fit on a wall. It will make the room appear larger than it is. High-gloss tubs, sinks, showers, countertops, and backsplashes make light bounce around, too.

Pocket Doors

Standard bathroom doors swing in, which uses floor space in the bathroom. Using a pocket door can maximize the small bathroom’s floor space. It will allow a storage shelf or other decorative piece to fill the space. For remodeling a master bathroom, consider using a frosted privacy glass pocket door, which can open up the room even more.

Clever Storage

Rather than using storage units that sit on the floor, homeowners should consider high-level storage shelves. Keep the floor as clean and empty as possible. Make the most of any corners, niches, and micro storage units.

Try a wall-mounted rack or storage unit with open cubbies for storing hand towels, washcloths, or small essentials. Get as much storage out of cabinets as possible. Attach magnetic memo boards or small hooks for hanging small grooming tools or beauty products.

Homeowners can also mount a set of baskets to the bathroom wall. Raised sides keep lotions, small towels, and hair products contained, and the open tops make them easily accessible. Use adhesive hooks for tools such as brushes and hairdryers.

Glass Shower Doors

Textured glass shower doors allow light into the shower and make the room feel larger. But, a clear glass shower door opens up the area creating even more space. Consider changing a tub for a standing shower and use glass walls and a glass door.

Consider a Corner Sink

A corner sink opens up small bathrooms, providing more space to reach a toilet or shower. Placing a mirrored, wall-mounted medicine cabinet above the sink also provides great storage for small items. Small bathrooms can be beautiful. Consider a few of these options when remodeling a small space to turn it into something wonderful.

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