Tips For Choosing The Best Company After Doing POPM Certification? 

SAFe® POMP certification is the most popular certificate for those candidates who wish to enhance their careers in this management field. There is a very high demand for skilled and certified Project Managers and Product Owners in multinational companies. After getting a certification people can get high-paying job roles easily with security. 

A Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) is a person who looks after the features of the product & services and has to organize the Product Backlog. The SAFe® POPM certification helps a product owner or a product manager nurture the skills and create a better product vision. After getting the certification, the product owner or product manager has to refine the product backlog and have to ensure the utilization of the Agile methodology for improving business strategies. 

Benefits of POPM Certification 

A person who plans to join a course for getting a POPM certification can enjoy numerous benefits. 

  • It helps the person to use a collaborative approach while working with the development team and stay ahead in the competitive world. 
  • It helps the person to explore career opportunities in different fields of the IT and software industry. 
  • The certificate will help the person to get knowledge about agile methodology and techniques that will help in making improvements in the business. 
  • It helps the person to get engaged in increasing the growth of end users and stakeholders. 
  • While doing the SAFe® POPM training a person can learn the best methods and techniques for carrying on their job roles perfectly. 
  • To get the certification a person has to attend a training course with a renowned company and after passing the certification exam, they can get a license agreement and complete their membership. 

Tips for Choosing a Company to Work as a Product Owner or Product Manager 

After getting a SAFe® POPM certification, you will start looking for a job that will help you in progressing in your career. When choosing a company to work for as a product owner or a product manager there are certain important things to keep in mind. You must know your skills and worth when choosing the workplace. Salary is the most important factor that can help you in deciding the company that you want to join after getting a POPM certification. Location is also an important factor to consider because there is no point in traveling far off for doing a job. After all, it will reduce your efficiency in doing work. Other important aspects to consider include: 

  • Professionalism 

A professional company can give you the right work environment where you can show your skills. Some companies have attractive websites and better communication strategies. But, when you enter the office you do not get the desired work environment. You may have to face late payments, deficiency of equipment, and overwork schedules. When you go for an interview you must look around to see the seating arrangements and must ask about the facilities available in the office. You can also do research on the internet before going for an interview. Thus, the company must be professional. 

  • Growth Factor 

When you are hired as a Product Manager you will be responsible for the overall growth of the organization. But, you must be serious about your career growth as well. Therefore, you must join a company that will offer opportunities in the future for your career growth. Ensure that the company offers a clear way for the employees to make advancements in their careers. 

  • Responsibilities Offered 

You must look at the job profile and the responsibilities that you have to carry on with the job. Ensure that the job profile that the company is offering matches your skills and experience. If you already have experience working as a Project Manager then you must ensure that company is not hiring you for an entry-level position. Avoid accepting a job offer in product management that includes tasks that you are not comfortable doing. 

  • Availability of Proper Equipment 

You must look for a company that provides proper equipment and facilities to work. When you are working in a tech company you not only need hardware but software as well. You will need different tools for accomplishing your tasks. 

  • Innovation 

In the tech industry, new inventions are taking place daily. Therefore, changes occur at a very fast pace. You will also experience changes while working with a company. You must ensure that you work with a company that is free to make changes with time. Your career will be at stake if you choose a company that still uses the old methods and tools. You should use the tools as the industry makes advancements. The job or a company should offer you ways to innovate and try new ideas. 

  • Training 

Choose a company that also offers you opportunities to develop and enhance your skills. The company can help you in enhancing your skills by offering programs and methods that help you to use your skilled knowledge and expertise. You can also encourage your team and help them in understanding the new methods. The company can also help you in giving training on a particular subject by organizing seminars. This will help in upgrading team skills. 

  • Rewards 

You must choose a company that offers you rewards for doing exemplary work. This will not only help in boosting your confidence but will also help in boosting your confidence. Therefore, the company should feel happy when you work efficiently and should reward your achievements. Many companies also give bonuses to their employees after the project completion. Therefore if you are working as a project manager in a company, the company must offer you increments and rewards when you achieve success in finishing the given task on time. 

  • Employee-Centric 

If you get a job in a company that you desire it would be the best option but there is a catch. Firstly, the company should have some policies and attitudes to be employee-centric and promote good relationships. The organization should also have specific protocols to invest in the personality and happiness of its employees. They must take decisions that are apt for the company as well as the workforce to make a healthy and growth-promoting balance. 

Top Companies to Join After Acquiring SAFe® POPM Certification 

Product managers or product owners are in great demand all over the globe as they possess skilled knowledge and experience in handling projects. They can get work in a wide range of industries. In this article, we will discuss the top companies to join after doing SAFe® POPM certification: 

  • Amazon 
  • HSBC 
  • Google 
  • PayPal 
  • MagicLab 
  • Salesforce 
  • Uber 
  • Adobe 
  • Myntra 
  • Microsoft 
  • Airbnb 
  • Slack 

Thus, project managers or product owners can apply to top multinational companies after getting a POMP certification for proper career growth. 


In conclusion, getting a SAFe® POPM certification is a big achievement for people who want to pursue their careers as project managers or product owners. This is a very high demand for project managers and product owners all over the world.  

Multinational companies such as Google, Microsoft, HSBC, etc. are looking for skilled and certified project managers for their projects. One must choose a company after considering various factors. The right choice of the company for working as a project manager can help them to enhance their career and get a high salary. This will also help them to get more experience when they start working in a renowned company.

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