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Why is Keele University a Perfect Choice for International Students?

Why is Keele University a Perfect Choice for International Students?

When you make plans for your higher study from abroad, so you get many options for country and university. Because many countries universities offer many courses for higher study. And when you think about choosing the best university so you definitely confused about choosing a better university. Thus we will discuss about choose a better university for higher education and also discuss about the perfect country for study and students’ life. 

When we discuss about countries so we find many countries like the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Australia, and many more. But according to my research, the UK is the perfect choice for study and a better life. And when we discuss about universities so get a list of universities in the UK. 

List of Universities in the UK

  • Keele University
  • Birmingham City University 
  • Middlesex University London
  • University of East London
  • University of Worcester

According to my research, Keele University UK is the perfect choice for an all-over satisfaction rate and better teaching quality. So in this article, we will discuss Keele University England. 

Keele University 

Keele University UK is a campus-based public research university and according to the Guardian University League Table in the year 2019, this university gets first ranked for student satisfaction. And this university is the first choice for all international students for its student life. 

And in addition, Keele University has a long 2.2-kilometer campus with the biggest single campus in the UK. Keele University offers a wide range of courses from environmental science to media and marketing. And Keele University almost students get an easily a better job after completing graduation within 6 months. 

Keele University England has students of more than 120 nationalities and the university welcome warm of international students. Additionally, the university has more than 200 clubs and societies. Keele university encouraged of all students to better study in UK and get better jobs. 

University provides a 24/7 library for all students, and the university offers students access to research materials, a gym, pitches, a range of food sources, a dance studio, and sports courts. 

University also provides impressive facilities for better teaching. And additionally, while university hosts a weekly farmer’s market, with a bank, a bookshop, a student union shop and post office, a pharmacy, a doctor’s surgery, and many campus stores and it also provides laptop loans. 

Keele University gives scholarships to international students but you should be eligible for scholarships and the university offers scholarships merit-based. And the number of scholarships students every year different-different. These scholarships provide at the undergraduate level for studies.

University Important Points

  • According to the US news, Keele University UK gets ranked 501st in the world
  • Keele University has approx 2000 students from abroad
  • Keele’s acceptance rate is the 82 percent
  • University’s male-female ratio is the 42:58
  • In the university, your per academic year average cost of fees is the £15,100
  • And in the UK, the average cost of living is approx £2000 
  • When you register and apply so you have to give £16 application fees 


When you read this article I hope that this information is helpful for why choose Keele University for better education? And benefits of Keele University.

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