Arcon: The Future of Cyber Liability and Cyber Security Assessment

When you have cyber liability and cyber security to manage, the last thing you want to do is spend too much time and money on it. After all, companies know that cybersecurity threats are increasing daily, but what about your company’s protection? Are you genuinely protected from everything? Do you know if there are any vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure? To help get some answers to these questions, check out this comprehensive cyber liability and cyber security assessment from Arcon. We’ll help you identify risks, prioritize them, and create an action plan based on your budget and risk appetite.

Know your online risk in 5 minutes

Companies that want to take a proactive approach to cyber risk management need to do two things: first, they must develop an understanding of how vulnerable they are online; second, they must establish a plan to reduce risk. Setting up an account is easy (and quick) with Arcon. Our platform delivers fast and accurate cyber assessments in five minutes or less. And we make it simple for organizations to prioritize their efforts based on our findings by filtering results based on business priorities like customer data, product information, or other company information.

Why we are launching this service

When we first started building Arcon, it was a proprietary product designed for our clients. Over time, we decided to offer it as a SaaS because of how much other organizations could benefit from it. Our customers can now access our service for any company worldwide.

We look forward to providing businesses with comprehensive cyber risk assessments custom-tailored to their unique needs and use cases.

What you will get for your money

Arcon is still in its infancy, so we’re offering our service for free for three months. After that time ends, we will provide a select number of services at meager prices to show you how much we appreciate your business. Soon after launch, though, we plan to make our assessment tool one of the most affordable in today’s market.

How do Arcon works?

Arcon works using crowdsourcing. Through a series of questions that get more comprehensive with each response, we can deliver a detailed report containing all your cyber risks, including a summary assessment and action plan recommendations to help reduce risk levels. This report is 100% customized for your organization as it incorporates information you provide us at every step and what we learn by analyzing more than 200 risk sources. We then deliver everything to you securely online.No. More than waiting weeks for reports or paying an arm and a leg for customizations!

FAQs about Arcon

Will Arcon replace my cyber security team?

No. Arcon is designed to augment existing cyber security teams, not replace them.

Do I need a team to use Arcon?

No, you can use Arcon independently with built-in templates and step-by-step procedures for creating incident reports.

How does Arcon work?

First, you’ll connect all cloud providers used by your organization (including Office 365). Then, you’ll choose which of those services you want to assess (based on service usage policies or other criteria) based on an assessment plan tailored specifically for your organization.

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