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How to Boost Your Internet Speed at Home?

Everything is happening on the internet today, and if you experience a downgrade in it, you will feel like your life has come to a halt. Nothing is complete without the internet, whether you are doing your office work from home, watching videos with your kids, or playing games. We always want our internet speed to be matchless, but a few things can hit us hard. If you find your internet too slow to bear, you can do a few things to set the tone and throw the problem out of the window. This post will reveal how to boost your internet speed at home. Keep reading to learn more!

Effective Ways To Boost Your Internet Speed:

Increasing your internet speed always sounds exciting, especially to your kids. However, they don’t know how to do it, and you are the ultimate authority to undertake this process. A sluggish internet connection will bring you nothing but frustration, and you better solve the issue before it gets worse. Here are a few hacks to keep you away from this problem. Let us roll through the list without any further ado!

1. Ensure you get the promised speed:

Testing your internet speed to see if you are getting the promised internet speed is the first thing you should do. To perform a wifi speed test you can use different websites and applications. Your internet service provider will promise you a specific speed; anything less than that should be addressed immediately.

If your speed is low, you should contact the service provider to check if there is a problem at their end. Consider switching if you realize they are cheating you for money with a subpar plan.

2. Upgrade your router:

Have you been using your router for over three years and complaining about the internet speed? Why not replace it with a new model as it can make a huge difference? Installing a dual-band or triple-band router will help you get up to a 5GHz band, which is more than enough.

We often have old routers in our houses as we don’t pay much attention to them. However, it would be wise to look for the best wifi router and upgrade them if you feel your internet speed has been sluggish since the last week.

3. Use fiber optic cable:

Copper wires have long been in the industry for carrying internet signals, but not anymore. As we enter a more digitalized era, fiber optic cables have replaced traditional internet wires. Using fiber optic means enjoying a faster internet speed with no data burnout. Moreover, the chances of internet disconnection are reduced by a considerable degree.

Fiber optic cables might cost you more than the traditional internet wires, but the services here are matchless. You don’t need to worry about anything with enhanced bandwidth and speed. Do you want to install this cable for your internet connection? Consider contacting fiber optic cable Dubai companies!

4. Change to a less crowded channel:

Your router transmits different channels, each one coming with its dedicated bandwidth. People often opt for the one with a higher bandwidth, which ultimately becomes crowded. The best you can do is open the router settings and shift to a less crowded channel (from auto).

A channel not already crowded can provide you with better bandwidth, and you should consider switching to it. If you are using a 2.4GHz band, you better opt for channel, 1, 6 or 11. They are often less crowded and can work effectively.

5. Position your router correctly:

Putting the router in the correct spot can make a huge difference, and you will experience a boost in your internet speed. If your router’s current position is incorrect, you will experience sluggish internet. Putting it in the middle of your house makes it equidistant from all the rooms and corners.

A router with multiple nodes can be positioned around different corners of the house for better internet coverage. However, these routers are different than the ordinary ones as they are more than one in number.

6. Avoid data burnout:

Data burnouts can lead to decreased internet speed and bandwidth, usually due to a fault in the wire. Using a copper wire can expose you to such issues, and you better opt for a fiber optic cable to stay on the safer side.

Modern-day internet connections are incomplete without fiber optic cables; you should install them at your house. Do you want to replace your copper wire with this modern-day cable? Now is the time to contact telecom companies in UAE and let them do the job for you!

Enjoy high-speed internet with fiber optics!

Fiber optic cables can add to your internet speed as they prevent data burnouts and bandwidth losses. Modern-day internet connections are incomplete without these cables, and you should opt for them. Consider contacting fiber optic cable companies and purchasing the cable for better internet services.

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